Friday, October 31, 2003

Agent-Smith is Dead

Surprise, it's not another Matrix post.

My C:\ drive cut out two nights ago. It just up and died. One second, I'm ftp-ing fan art up to the server, and the very next second, there's a clicking noise, a flash of a black screen, and then the blue screen of death.

Only now it's like, the Helvetica or Arial blue screen of death. Microsoft has updated it for today's demanding consumer and their new-fangled sensibilities about crashes.

So now Agent-Smith is quite dead. He doesn't even show up as a drive anymore, master, slave, or otherwise. He's just gone completely. I'm actually quite pissed about it, because that was a Western Digital drive, and those just aren't supposed to fuck up like that. 20G worth of art, email, and personal junk is now just gone. Hopefully I can take the rig to PC Mart and they can help salvage what little they can off of it.

Hopefully this wasn't a virus, because if like, Agent-Jones over there on the F:\ drive suddenly changes his name to Agent-Smith, I'm probably going to faint or something.

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