Sunday, October 26, 2003

Five Past Tomorrow

As we started to roll our clocks back tonight (yes, we're actually up that late where 2:30 am magically becomes 1:30 am), we noticed that both of our computers had already rolled themselves back an hour.

Pretty much any device that has a small computer device that can keep track of the time and date can remember when to automatically adjust for daylight savings time, from your PDA to your computer to your cell phone. I'm sure someday every cheap-ass $10 alarm clock (and stove/microwave clock) in the house will also know to account for daylight savings time. This will then force a subtle if not slightly chilling change in the way the news gives you the reminder twice a year:

"Don't forget, folks, your clocks are going to roll themselves back an hour tonight."

It's almost Orwellian.

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