Friday, October 24, 2003

It's Over

The era of commercial supersonic flight is over, and it's not as if anyone, other than the idle rich, was ever able to enjoy it.

I know hardly anyone else cares about this kind of thing, but it just makes me incredibly sad. Too many great things that happened in earlier lifetimes are being cast aside because they are not "cost effective," rather than keeping them in service because they represent the leading edge of technology, and grow them into even better things. We haven't been back to the moon in ages, and manned orbital spaceflight has become a bit of a joke; we can't even get people into space properly anymore.

It seems like we're in a backwards progression here, or rather a recession in technology. No manned exploratory space flights (and don't tell me we've discovered everything out there already). No more supersonic commercial air flights. Even trying to implement the next wave of technology in the automobile (which hasn't had a major modification other than safety in almost a hundred years) is like pulling teeth.

This country is getting complacent. We're getting lazy. We can't even be counted on to back a war (which had more casualties in the opening attack for this country than WWII) for more than three months before we get antsy and start pointing fingers.

America, get off of your couches. Turn off the TV. Put down the remotes, and go invent or do something useful for crying out loud. Stop being such a bunch of consumer whores who cry when instant gratification isn't a possibility and start being useful.

Sorry. I'm just cranky today.

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