Sunday, October 19, 2003

Kill Bill Review

Holy Mother of God.

Just when I had gotten sick and tired of everything Tarantino, he goes and blows my mind. Again.

Do you like Hong Kong action movie tributes? Check.
Do you like revenge movies? Check.
Do you like anime? Check.
Do you like swordfights? Check.
Do you like blood geysers in said swordfights? Check checkity check check.

If you're not laughing at the absurdity, you're picking your jaw up off the floor from the limb/blood-loss. Or you're marvelling at the storytelling. It's win-win-win.

Edit: I forgot to add one bit: You know how she has all that motor oil on her bike jumpsuit in the previews? It's not motor oil. It's blood. They chroma-keyed it out so the previews didn't look like a bloodbath.

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