Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Rogue Hair

I've been meaning to throw this question up here for some time, and keep forgetting it untill the bastard finds another pore to sprout from.

I have a rogue hair, and it refuses to behave. I first noticed it on my neck, near my Adam's apple when I was first learning how to shave when I was but a wee kid. It was well below the shave-line at the time, and I remember feeling this insanely long hair on my neck while I was shaving. Assuming it was just someone's stray hair that landed on my neck, I pulled on it, only to find out it was growing out of my skin. We're talking like seven or eight inches of perfectly clear hair here. It seemed almost synthetic.

So I pulled it out, and about every six months since then, I've found the bastard growing somewhere else on my body. Again, usually four to six inches long, and perfectly clear.

Things have taken a turn for the worse, evidently. Recently I found it growing out of my head, thick and white (and no, it wasn't gray, thanks for asking), and just yesterday the bastard was growing out of my eyebrow. I magine finding a single eyebrow hair that was over an inch long. And about as thick and strong (and tenacious) as a guitar string.

Does anyone else ever get these? Is there some wacked-out medical reason for the insane growth spurt of the hair folicle or something?

I can only imagine where it'll show up six months from now. Like, say, inside my nose.

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