Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Cash in the Hash

I'm not going to theaters
Not at least in this fall
I won't see the cat
Who's on shirts at the mall

I won't buy the soap
Or the cleaner or tissue
Because it's the license
Of which I take issue

There's plates and there's games
And plushies galore
You can even use Visa
When you buy out the store

For wood's holly has made
The Seuss nothing more
Than a marketed shill
Of which they will whore

First it was Grinch
Which made most of us cringe
And as it made money,
The producers did binge

And soon you will learn that
Part one has a part too
The Cat in the Hat?
Aw hell, he Comes Back.


Apologies to the original Dr. and to Sonnetblog, who started this crazy poet-blog thing

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