Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Fun With Nitpicking

So I was watching CSI Miami last night, and something struck me as peculiar. It wasn't until much later that I realized just what it was.

Not to ruin the plot for those of you who have it Tivo'd at home, but basically the story involves one of those "broken heart" Private Investigator firms that allows the wife to hire a hooker to sleep with her possibly cheating husband, and then be angry when he does. That's not the peculiar part.

The twist in the ep has her falling in love with one of her "marks," and he falls in love with her. She's murdered. When they question her lover (now some woman's soon to be ex-husband) why the rape kit test tested positive for his man-juice, he says "it's because we just had sex yesterday. In her car."

Then I realized that's what bothered me. They showed her car earlier in the episode. It was a BMW Z4. In case you're not familiar with what one looks like, here's a picture of her car:

If this car is a-rockin, please dial 911, because there's something wrong and there's a good chance the engine is seizing.

Um, no. Writers? In case you haven't noticed, there's no backseat in this vehicle, and the front passenger seat has just enough legroom to allow someone to sit normally. Sex in that vehicle would be a feat suitable for a circus freak side-show.

So ha! CSI is not factual! Again! Nya nya boo boo.

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