Sunday, November 02, 2003

Killing Links

Now that I've had to basically re-find all of my "Favorites" sites manually on two machines (my work PC I keep at home just died on me, thank you very much. I think there's an epidemic going around my house now), I've once again become aquainted with the ordeal of trying to destroy the "Links" folder in the "Favorites" in IE.

Every time you delete the folder, there it is again. Sometimes it comes back at the top, and other times it attempts to just sort of sit quietly at the bottom of the stack hoping you won't notice that it showed up again after you've now kicked it to the curb eight times.

Why does Microsoft continue to do this? Is it there to annoy me? Because it's working!

Seriously, there was a time when back in '95 that they kept throwing out this "My Network Places" thing on my desktop (or whatever it was called at the time) and wouldn't let you remove it. Here I am screaming "I'm not on a fucking god-damned network, and never will be, so I don't want it on my desktop!!!" to a customer service rep over the phone. If memory serves me, they also forced their proprietary email piece of crap down your throat as well, not allowing it to be removed from the desktop, either (there was some double super-secret probation technique that the tech told me to do to remove it, and it worked, however).

So now almost ten years later, I actually have a network in my house, and can make use of this "my network places." In ten years, is there going to be some way to make use of that "Links" folder that I'm unaware of presently? Right now there are probably tens of corporations using this little known feature of IE to expedite business proceedures all over the world, shaking their heads at my tiny, feeble mind.

But until they divulge their secret, I just want to kill that god-damned Links folder dead.

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