Saturday, November 01, 2003

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Since my home machine suddenly and unexpectedly decided to up and keel over on me, I got paranoid that maybe I had been hacked (which is unlikely, as I'm sitting behind a physical/hardware firewall, and not a software/hackable firewall), so I thought maybe I'd update the work PC with all of the Win XP security and OS updates available or otherwise known to man.

I realized this would be an epic endeavor, so I had it get/install them automatically while the wife and I (and an old college buddy) took in an NIU football game.

Seven hours later (it's still not done; it's waiting on me to say "okay" to something that I'm really not all that "okay" with), I come home to an error message that says basically this:

Warning: The software you have requested to install is not Windows XP certified, and so it will not be installed.

So basically, Windows XP just automatically downloaded some software from the Microsoft website to be installed patch-style into Windows XP which wasn't actually compliant, and therefore didn't install it.


And I wonder why I have Mac lust.

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