Tuesday, December 30, 2003

A Day Early

Sadly, this year's New Year's resolution is going to be identical to last year's. Lose Weight.

One could use the "circular weight loss/gain" thing to say that I'll just lose some weight and gain it all back again (like I did last year), only I'm going to pretend that last year was the "warm up" phase.

I managed to lose 14 pounds without changing my diet (other than cutting out Coke and most sodas) and by excercising almost daily. The plan went to pot when Liz and I got back from Disney and decided that the market was ripe to sell our house and buy a much bigger house. I had to skip going to the gym in order to use that time to work on the house.

This year I'm going to actually change my diet, and try and keep a more reasonable gym schedule. Instead of going every day (and then feeling bad when I'd "skip" a day), I'm going to make out a schedule where I hit the gym four times a week, with scheduled days off and on. Hopefully I'll be able to stick to this plan once the baby shows up. That's going to be the hardest part about all of this: finding the time and kicking the excuses when there's a baby around.

Resolution #2 will be to finally get going on that website I'm supposed to be transferring all of this to. I'm hoping to have a massive update, one that has game reviews, art (shut up!), and maybe even some comic work if I can get off of my very large fat ass.

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