Wednesday, December 17, 2003

More Tales From the Webcam I Don't Have

You know how you always see birds fighting it out in mid-air, swirling around the sky above you, diving on each other? You know how you always ask yourself "What's the point? They never really seem to hurt each other." I mean, really, I've never seen any sort of outcome to one of those birdfights; they always wind up flying off in different directions.

Well, today I saw someone score a kill. There I was, waiting in line to turn left, when out of nowhere, these two robins go diving from the right of me directly in front of my car, the rear bird giving the lead bird a shot in the ribs with its beak, and the lead bird spirals out of control (and we're talking *just* like a plane that's lost a wing here) and slams head-first into the back of the car in front of me.

The thing dropped, lifeless, bounced off the car's bumper, and skidded to a halt towards the left side of the turn lane. I had to sort of drive "around" the bird, because I wasn't sure if it was underneath my front wheel or not. As I pulled forward, I could see that the bird was stunned, but attempting to gather its composure. It was on its feet, but sort of "lying" there as birds do when they're resting, attempting to adjust its wings a bit while it shook the cobwebs out after that slam into the car, as the other cars behind me also drove around it.

That bird was pwned.

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