Friday, December 19, 2003

We Have This Phrase

Many of you might recall that I've recently had to gut my primary computer and install a new hard drive, and go through the thumb-screw process of installing Windows XP not once but three times.

In doing so, I got to encounter an age-old problem for me, my nemesis if you will: installing Java Virtual Machine. I'm too lazy to search through my archives for it, but you may recall my frustration to learn that previously Microsoft had come to a sort of legal disagreement with the makers of Java, and no longer carried Java Virtual Machine on their website. They couldn't even refer me to who I could get it from.

So tonight I decide to head over to Popcap to play a quick game of Bookworm tonight. As it turns out, you need Java Virtual Machine for that (MSJVM). So I click the link to have it "auto-install" MSJVM, forgetting about the legal dispute. The link to have MS auto-install MSJVM brings me to an MS site that says the following:

We're sorry, you cannot view this page because it requires the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM). Your machine does not have the MSJVM installed. For more information please visit

Being a lover of sarcasm, Liz and I have an expression for situations like this: "It's like a dream come true!!!".

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