Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Greatest Year of My Life

This year I've decided that I'm going to promote myself at work again. I'm tired of working on Ballers, not because it isn't a good game (au contrair! It's actually turning out to be an incredible title), but because I'm just not a fan of Basketball. I'm a fan of action movies. And fighting games.

So I started pushing my skills envelope a bit, into design, mentoring more animators, helping out other teams with animation related issues. It's evidently paying off.

Yesterday, on my way out of the building, I was tapped to be Lead Character Animator on the Mortal Kombat VI opening movie trailer (a temporary assignment on the FMV team). To say the least, I'm stoked.

So of course, my first choice for motion capture talent for this gig was Joe Eigo. I sent him a quick email, which immediately got forwarded on to the manager of one of the stunt teams he works for (yes, he works for two: Reel Stunts and Jackie Chan's. And yes, you read that last one right), and I was talking to Tommy Chang from Reel Stunts not ten minutes ago.

My fingers are so very very crossed for this to work out, because it's going to be either the greatest thing I've ever worked on, or I'm going to fall flat on my face. And I'm not real keen on the whole face-plant thing.

Oh, and my old boss from Startoons (who happens to be the greatest boss I've ever had) is coming to manage the FMV department (that I'll be working under temporarily).

Oh! And I'm going to be a Dad in about three months.

Fuck, screw the lottery. I'm on cloud nine.

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