Sunday, February 15, 2004

Medieval Times

Hey City of Aurora: while I'm normally thankful that you supply fairly clean water to our house on a regular basis, I'd like to politely ask that you maybe step up your efforts to clean our water supply all the fucking way up. It's one thing for us to joke that E. coli found its way into the water supply because of random bums taking a dip in it (as we joked about here amongst ourselves), and another thing to find out that you're theorizing that it's goose shit.

Look, here in America, we have these things called birds, and they often take flying craps. You're obviously new to this theory, because if you showed me some giant open resevoire of fresh drinking water, my very first question to you would have been "what are you planning to cover this with? Because I don't need ducks swimming in my tap water, thanks."

So now you're saying the E. coli is cleaned up (or really dissapated), but there's ammonia in the water now due to the high levels of ammonia in the Fox River. What next? Radioactive isotopes? We've been boiling our water for a week and a half. Some of us have just been buying large quantities of bottled water (larger than the supply we're already buying just to drink) so that we don't have to boil water every time we want to just do something as simple as brush our teeth, or fill the pet's drinking bowl with some water.

While I appreciate the effort to return us to a more medieval-like era your complete lack of planning has thrown us into, I don't appreciate panicking every time I habitually run my toothbrush under the faucet, or pull some tap water into my mouth in order to rinse or drink.

So do us all a favor, and clean up the damn water. We're tired of paying twenty dollars a month for the priveledge of experiencing third world living.

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