Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Super Platinum Turbo Ultra Championship Hot Damn Special Edition

Evidently, Lucas is finally going to release the Star Wars original Trilogy on DVD this fall. About. Friggin'. Time.

I might at one point have been excited over this news, but for the fact that I already own it. In fact, I think I own about three copies of each movie. I've got the THX VHS remastered original box set. Then I've got the THX VHS remastered Special Edition (still in the shrink-wrap, fuck you very much, George). I also have a...uh...um..."DVD" box set someone made...uh...as a gift (Yeah! Gift! That's it!) of their Laser Disk editions.

So I doubt I'm going to be shelling out whatever the asking price is for these DVDs. What, maybe I need a fourth box set?

Besides, I hear they're going to remove the infamous "Greedo Shoots First" edit, and replace it with "Han begs for his life, then runs for it after shouting "Oh my god! Jabba, here?!?" while Greedo is temporarily confused and distracted while craning around for a look-see." Then, throughout the rest of the movie, ILM uses the magic of Computer Graphics to super-impose Han wearing a skirt for "disguise" purposes.*

*I figured if he was going to try and make Han any less of a man, he should just go full-bore and get it over with.

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