Monday, March 01, 2004

Oscar Notes

Cheers to Lord of the Rings getting 11 Oscars. It won every category it was nominated for, so while tying Ben Hur and Titanic, it set a record for winning everything it ran against.

Cheers to Sophia for getting the consolation prize for Best Screenplay. I thought she deserved one for Best Director or Best Picture, but when you're running against the LotR juggernaut in the Academy's "Holy Shit We'd Better Give This Epic Trilogy Some Awards" year, Best Screenplay is the best you can really hope for.

Jeers to the Academy for not giving it to Bill Murray. I don't care how great Sean Penn can "act." Anyone can get angry and emotional in front of a camera. I've seen lots of people "act" on Jerry Springer. I don't think anyone believes they deserve an award for their performances.

And to break from the whole mocumentary of People magazine, let me just throw out a hearty FUCK YOU to Sean Penn for his crack on the WMDs at the beginning of his acceptance speech. Sean, if I was in the audience, and had I known you were going to win, I would have brought fruit, and you would have been wearing it. I don't care what side of the political fence you sit on. You just won an award for being an actor, not for being a borderline mentally retarded political activist. The only person who gets a pass on the matter was the guy who won for Best Short Film Nobody's Actually Seen which was about Vietnam or some-such topic.

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