Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Spider. Man.

Can I just say that the trailers for the new Spider Man (2) movie are making me giddy? And how pissed I am that I can't possibly see it for about two or three more weeks?

Spider-Man was my first and favorite comic book hero. Granted, I started reading it during the Romita Jr. days, but I like to think that I got in at a great time, since a lot of what's being pulled into the movie happened during the era that I started reading.

Seeing what they're doing with the second one and reading the reviews of it, I'm reminded of the same feeling I got reading the original Amazing Spider-Man comics when I was a kid: it makes me want to be a hero.

The JRJR days were good ones indeed!

I was going to tell you about it tomorrow, after I was sure I worked out all the kinkages.
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