Sunday, July 25, 2004

Not Wind, Like a Watch,

But Wind, like the air.

Here's your comic book/Presidential race crossover for the week. I may have stumbled onto a case of truth being more terrifying than fiction. In the book Elektra Assassin, we're in a similar state (politically) that we are now: The President is an unlikeable Republican "kicking ass" in a war against America's enemies (at the time, Russia), and the Democratic candidate, Ken Wind, is a smiling, hippie era ("He was there at Kent State...") feelgood peacenik.

Only that it turns out that Ken Wind is possessed and controlled by the devil himself.

So what I want to know is, why does John Edwards look just like Ken Wind?

Satan Incarnate? John Kerry?

I'm just saying.

lol! I wondered if anyone else would ever make that connection. He looks *exactly* like Ken Wind. I don't know whether or not he is actually possessed by the devil; though he is a North Carolina senator, and I have actually seen him in person, when you have Jesse Helms as a senator for 30 years, you get used to demonic possession in your congressmen. He doesn't have that crazy sour milk smell that Wind had in Elektra, though, so he might be ok.
Holy crap, Steve! You are brilliant!
I am scared.
Well, you are working with a picture drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. Unless he's drawing Kingpin, you can say his guys look like just about anybody. Hell, I look as much like Ken Wind as John Edwards does...

Now aren't you sorry you signed that little contract with me back in college? ;)
Pffft. Methinks Jack is in a certain river in Egypt.

Hey, if you're comfortable voting for the devil, you can justify it any way you'd like, just expect some "I told you so's" when we're all roasting in hell, mmkay?

And what contract are you talking about???
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