Wednesday, July 21, 2004


It has been noted elsewhere that I have been utterly remiss in my duties of providing baby anecdotes and pictures, and for that I apologize. Please, look at the new baby pictures.

I don't have much to say about Riley (the baby) because she's mainly just cute as a button, and doesn't do much (when I see her for my 2.5 hours per day when I'm home on weekdays and she's awake) other than smile at me (which I LOVE), eat, or fuss, or occassionally burp or fart (which I also love in a different fashion). Even the trip to the Brookfield Zoo was entirely uneventful, as she slept almost the whole time, and even if she was awake, it's not like she did anything she doesn't do normally, which is pretty much just look cute and gaze at stuff that's about 8-13 feet away from her. In fact, the photos we took there are downright laughable, as they look like photos anywhere else. We even took one of her sleeping in front of the giant fountain there so we could somehow prove it was taken at the zoo.

In fact, the only thing she's doing now which is really entertaining to us is:

A). Smiling at the ceiling fan (damnit! Those smiles belong to us! Stupid ceiling fan! ::tears down all ceiling fans in the house::)
B). Smiles and kicks while watching the Baby Bach (Baby Einstein) video Liz bought her. She also likes being shown brightly colored animal flashcards. So much so that she excitedly kicked the book out of Liz's hand two days ago.

However, in the interest of sharing anecdotes, we have come up with some clever nicknames for her. Solomon Grunty was by far my favorite, as she used to grunt all the time. It was her primary method of communication. Baby No Face is an old classic, one that we return to, but you kinda need to know who No Face is (scroll down a bit) to get the reference. Think Monty Burns (his "uhhhhhs"), but in a cloak and wearing a mask. The Riley Express is her new one, as she will occassionally in her sleep do a "Woooo-wooo" noise, and make us laugh. Kicky was the original nickname, but that one was for her in utero activities. Smoochy is another one, not because we love kissing her (because we do, and can't possibly stop even if we wanted to), but because when she's starting a bottle there's usually a lot of "smooching" noise when she's trying to smack down on that nipple. Fussy Boots is one, but that one hardly needs explaining. Then there's Munchy and BOTTOMLESS PIT, but those require even less explanation.

We do have one extra-special nickname for her that we won't share publically, not because we're embarrassed about it (we say it when friends or family are around, or hell, even if we're at the store), but because it's ours. I'll give you a hint, though. It's in a Pixar movie.

That should narrow it down a bit.

D'oh! I have lots of Baby Einstein dvds to give you; let me round them up and I'll bring 'em next time we see you.

Jimmy was nuts about the ceiling fans, too! Oh, and lately we've taken to calling him F.U. Cranky, Jr. when he's being testy. This is because Dave is F.U. Cranky, Esq.

This is much more than you need to know about my family. ;)
I have to say, they are all cute, but that first new picture is *shockingly* cute.

This will appease me for awhile.

I'm a little concerned about the "Wooo-wooo" noise you described -- she hasn't been allowed to watch Three Stooges yet, has she?

And finally, is the nickname...Toy Story 2???
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