Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Can't Stop, Can't Stop the Shop

I've got the Photoshop sickness. I saw an old DODGE logo on the back of a Dodge pickup tailgate last night, and it struck me that it would be painfully easy to Photoshop the letters around to make it say DOOCE, which has become one of my favorite stops for baby hillarity and hijinx. It helps that her baby is only a couple of months older than mine (and both our kids are girls), so I view Dooce.com as a window to the future insofar as my Riley is concerned.

Anyway, Here's the thing with the doocing:


i got yelled at by blurb when a dooce tattoo was photoshopped onto my arm.

i should have gone automotive too.
Nice job! I'm a Dooce fan, too, but honestly, who isn't? :D
nice job. as to dooce: yeah, who isn't a fan? me - fan!
Dooce found you and seems to be a fan of you as well! I love her too. Cool Dooce/Dodge.
Jim, I didn't yell as much as hint that perhaps your coupling of nudity and my wife's website might cross certain boundaries of comfort, regardless of how innocent it may have seemed.. I also believe I gave you a good nickname as well.

Nice work on the automotive logo.

love, dj blurb
Again .. nice job. I am a bloginner .. apparently I was asleep when the rest of the world was learning Photoshop. Working on it though.. nice site :)
i found your site on dooce.com. :) nice photo shopping.... baby zabrak gave me a good chuckle.
A future masthead in the making!

I so miss my photoshop.
Excellent work!
By the way, da-na da-na da-NA-na. (That's supposed to be the Dodge jingle...)
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