Friday, August 13, 2004

What the Hell

I realize this makes this the Pettiest Blog in the World, but I need to vent.

If you're so cheap that you feel the need to steal three cans of C2 Coke out of a communal fridge at work, when not eight feet away there's not one but two (2) vending machines that dispense Coke products (diet and regular) for a fucking quarter, you have just qualified as the cheapest and laziest motherfucker on the planet.

Maybe they were just trying to keep you from drinking that nasty shite. Blech.
That's pretty awful. Both the stealing and the pop. Love the commercials. Hate the soda.

What exactly is photoshop and how come everyone in this world knows how to use it but me? I love the dooce/dodge. Very cool.
As far as I'm concerned, Coca-Cola is the nectar of the GODS and a definite MUST HAVE. Having said that, however, I think I'd rather mooch a quarter off of someone, rather than steal three cans of it. Even if it is C2 -- which I haven't tried because, although I admire those that have the willpower to drink diet or other "more healthful" versions of the original nectar of the Gods, I personally don't have that much willpower. :)

Love your blog! I, too, have been known to monkey with photo-altering/enhancing software -- my most recent accomplishment being replacing Matt Damon's face with my friend's face in the add for the Bourne Supremacy. (Her last name is Bourne). I have family in the Aurora, IL area. Small world, huh? Have a good day! - Kelli
It's me again.

Work fridge's are sacred.

Until that inevitable email comes, the one that you miss, the one that says "Beware. Everything goes to the Garbage Gods on Friday morning."
I've actually fallen prey to the "Everything must go" Friday.

I had bought 4 frozen lunches THAT DAY. So, ten bucks in lunches was thrown out that evening. I'd be less angry about it if it were in the fridge, because honestly, I think frozen Lean Pockets have a freezer half life of like, one Jurrassic period. Or maybe a Cretatious.
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