Sunday, October 03, 2004


There is nothing quite like getting up at 5am to feed the cat, only to hear something eating your food in your pantry on the TOP SHELF. Why more horror movies haven't started out like this, I don't know.

We officially have a mouse, and it likes to jump at people, making them look like every fool who's ever done a cheerleader scream as seen on America's Funniest Home Videos.

I HAD this little bastard in the tupperware bowl and he jumped out before I had the chance to get the lid slammed down on it. First off, who knew these fuckers could jump like 8 inches up and 12 inches out at the same time? Also, why didn't anyone tell me???. Second, you do NOT want a wild, rabid, crazed, hungry beady-eyed mouse jumping at your almost-naked-only-wearing-boxers-and-a- pair-of-work-gloves-self when you're half asleep at 5am. I'm just saying.

that was funny
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