Monday, November 22, 2004

Peace and Happiness

Hey, Bible Belters... you think you could lay off the "holier than thou" speak? I know that the definition of "Marriage" to you means that you have to be hetero, and have children, but to me it means "happily committed to your spouse."

If you're worried about the definition of Marriage, how about you stop trying to point fingers at all of the divorces and childess couples, and say "that needs to be fixed!" and start trying to figure out how people can be happy. I'm not going to go off on some crazy-assed tangent and say that every person has a right to be married. I don't think every person has a right to have kids, either. I'm picky like that. (and no, I'm not talking about gays. I'm talking about assholes).

But I do think folks have a right to be happy, and if being married makes them happy, how about a little live-and-let-live? It goes a lot further than the finger-pointing. I'm on board with not having an insignificantly small majority of judges in Massachussets re-define what marriage means, legally or socially, but I'm also not about to let you jerks try and define it for me, either. Cooler heads will prevail here.

Also, sorry to any readers still loyal enough to hang around this long just to read some crap about the definition of marriage.

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