Saturday, December 04, 2004

Not Getting It

Okay, is this a joke or not? Elite Designers Against Ikea.

Because if you're an "Elite Designer" and you're worried about Ikea stealing your business, well, you're not an Elite Designer.

Also, no Elite Designer in their right mind would sell this crap through their company store. The T-shirts aren't even ironic or retro. I'm going with "joke," even if these so-called elitists are dead serious.

Considering that the WHOIS search has it registered out of Copenhagen, I'm going to guess that it's actually part of an IKEA marketing scheme. But I haven't had a chance to watch the commericals on the site. It's definitely a joke, though.
Yeah, it's definitely ads for IKEA. The "interview" has "Advertistment promotion" written on it. And if you try to buy the stuff, you get sent to an email form where you have to submit your info to be evaluated as "worthy" before you can buy.

In fact, the whole thing has Spike Jonze written all over it. I know he's done ads for IKEA in the past.
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