Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Darth [Insert Evil Sounding Word Here]

From a conversation I just had at work:

[10:24] Seret: Count Dukoo = Darth Tyrannus
[10:24] Bowler: That's what I figured.
[10:25] Bowler: He should have been called Darth Tyrannus Aurus Ex.
[10:25] Bowler: That would have been even MORE clever
[10:27] Seret: or Darth Stupdenous. No thats my name when Seret becomes Sith.
[10:28] Bowler: What?
[10:28] Bowler: You should totally have been Darth Funkotronic.
[10:28] Seret: No way thats silly
[10:29] Bowler: Well, then I'm going to be Darth Serious.
[10:29] Seret: too much like Yahoo Serious
[10:29] Bowler: Well then, how 'bout Darth No, Really, I'm Serious?
[10:29] Bowler: Oooh! I know!
[10:29] Bowler: Darth Doom
[10:29] Bowler: or Darth Armaggedon.
[10:29] Bowler: Darth Catastrophe!
[10:30] Bowler: Darth Cunning
[10:30] Seret: How about Darth Bignuts, show them Jedi you mean business
[10:30] Bowler: lol
[10:31] Bowler: Darth Viking Horde
[10:31] Bowler: Oh wait, even better...
[10:31] Bowler: Darth Vader Zim

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