Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Get Your _____ On

Advertisers: Stop it.

"Get Your Smile On" and "Get Your Snack On?" No, seriously, stop.

In my film class, we learned this term called "The Parody." You see, once something has been parodied, that means that it shouldn't actually be used in a serious fashion. The genre is "dead," and either needs to be left alone or re-invented.

I submit to you The Delta Ad. Advertising Executives, this came out on this thing called the internets about six freakin' years ago. The phrase has been mocked and in the grave that long, and you're just now catching on? Please, the only things we "get on" are our shirts in the morning.

You *do* know that Delta ad is a parody--and an old one, at that, right?
I thought I was being clear when I defined how a parody defined the end of a genre, and that the Delta Ad was six years old...?
OH! Oh.

I'm very tired. Sowwy.
I fear "The Parody" rule has lost its power. Otherwise, every frickin' movie that comes out every frickin' week wouldn't be a lame horror movie with creepy whispering children. "The Undeadening" on "The Simpsons" should have put a stop to that.
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