Thursday, January 06, 2005

Last iPod Post

I swear, at least until I make my next iPod post.

I found this site while desperately researching how BMW got their radios to play nice with the iPod, and lo, and behold, I find the guys who made the damn connecters that BMW made for the iPod. Only now they make them for all cars. Well, almost all cars. The irony here is that you can probably connect your iPod to the entire line of say, Honda, than the entire line of BMW, and BMW is adverfreakingtising this concept.

Sure, $189 seems a bit pricey, but I figure that's not an awful price to pay to have my iPod play through my existing car stereo. My friend Linda suggested the Alpine stereo, but I have a feeling that unit costs hundreds of dollars (I get lost when Alpine's site transfers me to retailers sites and I lose track of which model supports the iPods), and involves installation fees. This is a do-it-yourself project, which means I save tons of money but lose tons of patience and respect from my neighbors when random swear words come flying out of the garage.

My buddy Phil suggested that I remove my old Honda CD player (which lives in the bay beneath the Honda Stereo), get the faceplate off of it and on hinges, and then put the hinged CD faceplate back on the front of the now empty bay beneath my stereo bay, which will now hold my iPod. It's very James Bondish, which makes me squeal with delight, so I might just take him up on the suggestion.

I'll post more about it when I get around to the conversion process, probably late February, early March-ish.

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