Monday, January 10, 2005

The New Spam

Got this as a body of email today:

831y 20 hq4300 7g e6 01 0yzl7l b7 0d 23s46g2013 x5xe 88 4t00 06 21 z0 d2 7g 4r 29 8s 26n7r3 8i1v 8542 87qst0 9a e5960i qr9lz1 gz 3n hb 2wq209 6q09 39 ge p1 9z nf 4i zh my 46 d5 u8 94 t7 w0 b3 77 79 25 0g 8p ff u0 3t tx ui uz p1 01 fp cz 83u4 23 r5 6a 26 27576lmn 8g1z9tmx3073 4d t4 od ut1v5i 30 5i 2t o5 z5 a9 r1 9132m35e4tl088 8k mq 5c 2e 24 01 tg i4 tq a8 3l s6 7w 9v ii cf 0e v8 9e 63 b1 v4 12 8q 52 5m q9 4o 33 q6 6e nb 5w 20 n1 s9 6zt6 5x 35 t7 l1 rd 05 p8mt77 bysloy ra 19 66 kgm52o f497veve 80 gg q3 6nwn 782352 9x v09a05537l329z ob54 2q2g1961v4 1s qmwk 2v q6 bi on bxuu g1 07 9n 98 47u8 v5 pl ml 72 9p o5 1q 8e 8s 32 0m h98v ugo6 qq 8p 6wq8 9z 6o12kg n93mv5 8kzgl1 r755 86 18 x2 928b20 81 np 0xi3 02 ub 48 dr 40 366q 19 2x 47 gd 5z p8 qi 03 gg 7u 8o n1 21 05 51 50 nq lw 80 nm b3ls70z7 qt8p24 u1 32 4l 7z 4g y8 5a 4d xs ix 61 pe 34 o9 v4 18 65 72 5e lb 61 dp dg 6d pm 9y yr 3v 8n 0p 73 ee pt 10 y2 6p u178 ed6h y2 72x5u6 eas6 u0 q56ofe l1690h h4 3qs4 3o 05wq08 3lef6f mn i6 6805 52 03 6f740m k2 z8 8g

When formatted correctly (6 pt font size, adjusted margins), it looks like this:

Those kids work long hours!

As you can see I'm thrilled by the new efforts to defeat spam filters. This one got right through. Evidently I'm going to have to have it filter the letters "q" and the number "3."

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