Friday, January 14, 2005

Remote Access

Had a revelation while looking for OEM instructions on how to remove my in-dash CD-player to install my iPod cable correctly (no, I haven't ordered it, and yes, I warned you I'm not done talking about the iPod-In-My-Car-Thing yet).

I started browsing stuff on the site for '99 Honda Civic HX's, and lookee there! Keyless remotes! Hey, why would they only sell the remote without the transponder thingie that talks to the car to unlock the doors? Because the transponder is already...get this...BUILT INTO THE FACTORY RADIO ALREADY.

People, I say this in bold and in caps because there is no way to express the volume I need to release when I say this: >I COULD HAVE HAD A KEYLESS REMOTE FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS AND NOBODY, INCLUDING THE DEALER, TOLD ME??!?!??!

No, seriously, the dealer wanted to charge me something like $300-500 to "install the keyless remote system" when I bought my car originally. If they had told me all I had to do was pay $80 in shipping, and turn my ignition on and off 4 times while holding lock down on the remote I would have already owned it. (Have I mentioned before the dealer raped me on my first car?)

So, while I am excited beyond words that I now have a keyless remote for my car, I have to say it's down right FUCKING CREEPY that my car just responds to a keyless remote without installing anything. We're talking flashing parking lights and everything.

I'm sitting here staring at my car wondering, what else can you do that I don't know about?

OK, I've got a Honda too...but before I get my hopes up, do you drive stick or automatic?

I drive stick and have always wondered if this was only an option for automatics...

Hey Kathleen!

It has nothing to do with being stick or automatic. It has everything to do with your car already having automatic door locks and being either an HX or an LX model year '96 or newer (I think that's the proper year, anyway).

This is the site I ordered it from:

I'm inclined to say that if you've got a stick it won't work, but only because I don't think the LX model comes in a stick option, and I KNOW the HX doesn't.

So, if you have an HX or an LX, you can just order the remote. If you have a CX, DX, or EX, you're hosed and have to also order the transponder, and install that thing (and you also need to have auto-locks already).
OK, I finally looked into it and the answer was "maybe." The big thing that keeps me from doing it is I'd have to leave the car out of gear when I park it, and I just know I'd forget one day and end up with a huge problem.

Old habits are ever so hard to break, ya know...

But thanks for the info!!
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