Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fear Increment

Okay, so we're sitting on the couch, and Liz is all:

Liz: Fear Factor has totally gone too far now.
Steve: I don't want to hear about it. I'm eating.
Liz: They should totally make Baby Fear Factor. The first stunt would be to see if the baby would gnaw on the shiny cloth beetle wings in the cloth baby bug book.
Steve: Then the next stunt would be to see if they'd crawl off the edge of a couch or bed. Ooooh, and then they'd have to see if they could stomach pureed beef.
Liz: And then they'd get to the shocker, the one that every baby's terrified of: The trip to the baby photographer for the 9 month photo.

Riley totally wins!

I commented on this back when you first posted it! Where's my comment??

Anyway, I believe I mentioned how CUTE Riley is...but then asked, "What's she so worried about?"

Yeah, Tim's blog lost one of my comments from two days ago...

"What's she so worried about?"


No, seriously, she just hit this phase where she's terrified if we put her down in the "photo area." Might have something to do with the doctor's visit the week before, but we really don't know. These were the only two pics the photog was able to squeeze off inbetween fits of screaming terror.
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