Sunday, February 06, 2005

RockIN, apostrophe

So today I'm out getting gas for Liz's car (we had all taken her car to go out to Target for a file cabinet and diapers, oh the racy life of the married couple with children!) with Liz and the baby.

This car pulls up ultra fast to the pump kiddie-corner from us, and it's a BMW M3 (my dream car), and I can hear the music playing with the doors closed.

The license plate?


So this guy (generic brown leather jacket, jeans, baseball cap, high top basketball shoes despite the fact that his physique means he doesn't actually play basketball, in other words, 80's Van Halen Fan gear), gets out of his car, walks around to start pumping gas, and realizes that he IS NO LONGER ROCKING OUT, so he runs, and I do mean runs back to the driver's side door, and switches his keys to the ACC position, and proceeds to blare his no-name worthless 80's hair band music loud enough for the folks three blocks away to hear clearly.

I look into the car at Liz, and she's laughing hysterically in the passenger seat. She motions for me to open the door, and asks "what is he doing???"

I simply answered, "Well, he's overcomensating for something."


BTW, I've always said "kitty-corner." (I've also heard "catty-corner," which sounds all wrong to me.) Is this another regional thing, like soda, pop, and coke?

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