Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Just Listen

Look, don't mess with little old ladies from Texas, okay?

I swear to god, this is the funniest thing you'll listen to all year. Prepare for ROTFLYAOWTIYE (with tears in your eyes).

Dude, you're nuts. I didn't even crack a smile.

You really think that's for real??

Oh man, you didn't even think that was a little bit funny???

Liz and I were DYING laughing, if for nothing else the references to "four foot nothing," "mother goose," and "hit him on the head with the bible!"

And we found his laughter contageous.

I do think it's real, but the one aspect of me that makes it sound not real is that there's no background noise, like, if the guy ran a red light and spun the car around on impact, you might have heard it inside the car, even with the windows rolled up, if it was as close as he claims.

But otherwise, yeah, I think it's real.
Boy I thought it was funny! Laughed so hard my face hurts.
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