Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's a New Record

While I've been lamenting the commute a lot lately (2 hour drives into the city, two mornings in a row, thanks), I have to brag about the trip home tonight for a second.

I did the 51 mile commute in a new record low 45 minutes. We're talking time from me turning the ignition in the parking lot to pulling into the garage, for an average total speed of 68 mph. In a Honda Civic. Keep in mind we're including the time sitting at stoplights, my surface street time in Chicago, etc. For reference sake, if you were to just do 51 miles of highway driving (no stop-lights, no surface streets, no stop-signs) at 60mph it should take you 51 minutes.

I know it doesn't seem that impressive to those of you who don't have to do this stikin' drive every day, but holy jeez was I flying. I had it up to about 92mph for a stretch, and my median highway speed was right around 80.

As an aside, I realized that in the morning, some people say they aren't awake 'till they've had their first cup of coffee. I'm not awake 'till I've hit 75mph.

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