Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Late Nite

Y'know, people always ask me, "Bowler, why do the Japanese rock so hard?" Well, now I have my answer:

Because years from now aliens will land on earth and attempt to communicate to us the typical "take me to your leader" phrase through pop-locking and doing the robot because they will have seen this video after it was broadcast throughout space, by translating the dance between the quicky-mart attendant and the police officer like some sort of epsiode of Amazing Stories gone horribly wrong. Or right.

I am now going to watch this video for the umpteenth time.

For the record, "how they do that" seems to be a "Sledgehammer" effect of filming the subjects doing the pop-locking in insanely slow-motion and then selectively saving the frames you want to keep, or having a claymation animator "pose" the subject every frame. Either way, it's Bad. Ass.

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