Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wonderful One

Mtv's got this trainwreck of a show (yes I realize this could be ANY of their shows, but stay with me here) called My Super Sweet Sixteen. It's a show where they evidently follow the life of rich spoiled bitches who act as if Paris Hilton is their role-model.

On today's episode that I happened to stare at slack-jawed for ten minutes before running out to the store on errands, this spoiled brat cried when mummy took away her credit card (don't get me started on how or why a fifteen year old girl has a credit card), but then cheered and told her Daddy that she loved him when he threw her a $120,000 party (no, seriously, I counted the zeros correctly) and gave her an $80,000 Range Rover. It should be noted that the only time she told her Daddy she loved him was after he gave her the car. I'm sure it has everything to do with creative editing. Or not.

So, in the spirit of hoping to be insanely rich someday and spoil Riley rotten to the core, we've decided to beat all of these spoiled bitches to the punch, and buy Riley a Pathfinder for her first birthday.

Hey, it's all we could afford.

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