Tuesday, May 03, 2005

State Capitols for 1000

If you're not checking Google Sightseeing, you really should be. Someone blogging all the coolest places to spy on from space via Google's new Maps feature (still in beta right now). Today's post features the Capitol building of Madison, which I can attest to being a rockingly awesome Capitol building, complete with marble floors. However, they missed an important point of trivia in the post:

Reaching to a height of over 200 feet, the Madison State Capitol dome is the only granite dome in the United States and is topped by Daniel Chester French’s bronze statue, “Wisconsin”. The building is also distinguished as being the only State Capitol ever built on an isthmus.

It's also the only Capitol building I've ever skateboarded through. Four times.

You wouldn't believe how quiet marble is to skate on. And it's fast, too. The security guards hardly even had time to do a "hey!" as we barreled straight through the middle of it. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to get away with that today.

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