Friday, July 08, 2005


The AP just released a piece stating that the EPA has found that the chemical used to make Teflon, PFOA, has a higher chance to cause cancer in lab rats than DuPont initially stated.

The headline: Board: Teflon Cancer Risks Downplayed

Please note: TEFLON Cancer Risks Downplayed.

It then goes on to generally beat about the bush, stating that PFOA is bad for lab rats, but DuPont says there's no evidence that it causes cancer in humans yet, on this fourteen paragraph scare tactic. There I was, panicking, hoping that I'm not going to get colon cancer from the 8 million grilled cheese sandwiches I cooked on our Teflon coated pans, only to find this gem dropped in the very last paragraph.

While PFOA is used to make Teflon, it is not present in Teflon itself, which is applied to cookware, clothing, car parts and flooring.

And people wonder why I hate the MSM. Facts are irrelevant. Only spin and swaying public opinion matters anymore. They even featured a photo of Teflon coated frying pans for this piece, even though you can't get cancer from Teflon.

I'm sure their war reporting is entirely accurate, though. I mean, they care enough to not spin a Teflon report, right? Oh, wait.

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