Thursday, July 07, 2005


Okay, so I did something incredibly stupid two nights ago.

I was struggling with my new PC build. First, I couldn't get power to my video-card, when it was just the new motherboard, RAM, and main CPU chip. Then, the retailer told me that I needed a 24 pin power supply, so I bought one. Still, no signal to the monitors.

So this time I take it in to the retailer. Their business card I got at the computer show says they're open on Sundays, from 11 to 6. So I drive the half hour out there and whadyaknow, they're now closed on Sundays. One long holiday weekend later, and I'm driving back out there on Tuesday before work to drop off the whole shebang. I'm convinced it's a bad motherboard, since I just bought the power supply. Please keep in mind that previous to this, I've stripped, built, and re-stripped and re-built each computer like 3 times now.

Fifty bucks later, they tell me that the power supply I bought was faulty. Wonderful! So I buy yet another power supply (so far, I've spent just $160 on the power supply alone! What a bargain!) and this one works.

Only now Windows doesn't want to boot off of my main hard drive, which I salvaged out of my old PC.

At this point, it's been about a week and a half's worth of work just trying to get this thing running, and I have a bit of a breakdown, and get so frustrated that I start punching myself in the forehead. HARD. I just felt so stupid as to why I couldn't figure out why Windows wouldn't boot.

And then I remembered; as an anti-piracy measure, they make you re-authenticate thier software if you do major hardware changes. Pirates are not hassled with this "feature," nor do they have to pay $300 for the priveledge of being this frustrated. Only there's no option for re-authenticate, so I have to re-install Windows, and am now in the process of re-downloading every god-damned security update for this piece of ass OS. Bonus: Microsoft Office also needs to be re-authenticated, and I can't find the DVD! YES! Hooray for paying for software you can't use and is a pain in the ass if you should ever, y'know, upgrade. Not to beat the old analogy to death, but this would be like me having to call the dealer just to get the "ignition codes" if I replaced an engine.

So anyway, I'm trying to enjoy my new hardaware, but I've got this nagging headache. And yes, it's both stress and phsyical. The skin's mighty tender from all the punching.

Thank god I don't bruise. I'd look really stupid at work (yes, more than usual, har).

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