Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Obligatory Now Annual Post

Yeah, so I've been away for awhile.

I decided I wanted a new leather coat for Christmas, and the family came through for me and put a bunch of money towards it, so I could pick out what I wanted. As it turns out, style is evidently a thing of the past and everyone should stop being concerned with any kind of individuality, and just buy the plain old leather coats everyone is selling, be it Wilsons, Marshall Fields, or wherever "fine" leather coats are sold.

I was amazed that a buddy of mine at work dropped $2,700 on a leather coat a few weeks ago, but now that I've seen what $500 gets you (jack and shit, in that order), I have to say that was money well spent. Seriously, would it kill leather coat designers to actually make a design? They all look IDENTICAL.

So I opted for a new "biker" leather. The new cycle jackets are pretty cool, and the wife talked me out of buying something that would make me look like my next purchase needed to cement my impending mid-life crisis (i.e. striped crotch rocket jackets). I grabbed this one. It actually looks a lot better than that on me and in real life (no, honest, I have shape unlike that mannequin they put it on which is evidently nothing more than a barrel with a neck post on it). It's a lot more distressed than that.

The irony here is that my now over 10 year old leather coat that I'm replacing is not even distressed in the least bit.

Next time, dude--Bluefly. Not that your jacket isn't stylin'.
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