Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh for Fuck's Sake Part 3

Tonight's events, in order:

1). Bears start to lose and never come back.
2). Furnace (pilot light) dies and never comes back.
3). Bears lose.
4). Furnace still dead. House slowly getting colder (by 1 degree per hour).
5). Missed most of first hour of 24 due to Bears game running long and fucking over Tivo.

So for the record, this year, it's been:

A). The hot water heater dying and requiring a 1am replacement (water wouldn't shut off)
B). Air conditioner dying.
C). Furnace dying. I'm pretty sure it's just the pilot control unit (already replaced the thermal coupler; didn't help), but they're going to recommend getting a new furnace because this one's so old.


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