Friday, January 20, 2006

On Film Festivals

Stop calling your festivals or your films "Independant" if they have people like Jennifer Anniston in them. If I were going to make a film next week, based off of a small art grant or what I could afford to charge to my plastic in my wallet, I would not get Jennifer Anniston.

Just because it's not funded by a giant conglomerate doesn't mean it's "Independant." Independant means it stands outside of the Hollywood circles. By inviting A LIST TALENT to be in your film, you are proving that:

A). You yourself are in the A List circle.
B). You know the A Listers or know their agents.

If either of the previous two tenants are true, YOU ARE NOT INDEPENDANT. You do not operate outside of the influence of Hollywood. So fuck you for trying to pretend otherwise.

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