Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pixar buys Disney

Years ago some friends and I began speculating how long it was going to take before Disney bought out Pixar. Everyone thought it was inevitable. I was the lone standout who thought that someday, somehow, Pixar would buy Disney. I didn't really know how it would go down. I couldn't really picture an animation house somehow out profiting the monster corporation who would later own multiple international theme parks, several film distribution channels, and a major television network. I just had a gut feeling that it would happen. That Pixar would continue to get things done right, and Disney would continue to flounder and screw up their original claim to fame (animated films).

Flash forward to this week, where Disney was rumored to buy Pixar on Wednesday to the tune of 7.4 billion dollars, with Steve Jobs as the largest shareholder and newest board member, then went through with the purchase on Thursday, and by Friday, John Lasseter (Pixar co-founder and ex Disney guy) is the new CCO, and Toy Story 3 is cancelled (a project Pixar never wanted to work on in the first place but were contractually obligated to work on according to their publishing deal with Disney).

So who bought who, exactly?

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