Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Holy Immersion Batman

Okay, holy mother of pearl does Oblivion deliever the goods. I am determined not to use the strategy guide for as long as I can, but that determination cost me an hour and a half just to find the Thieve's Guild when I started out.

It's amazing. This time around the Thieve's Guild isn't just a building with a bunch of thieves in it. You have to FIND THEM. Rumor has it if you can't find them (I did, and man that was some work), you can just land yourself in jail, and make some contacts the old way (or is that the new way?). It just feels so much more real, and it's not just the graphics.

Even the fighter's guild isn't a building. It's an Arena (<-- great tie-in to the original Elder Scrolls title!), and you have to fight your way out of the arena and into specialized jobs (I think, I haven't tried it yet).

And I'm only 3 hours into it thus far. I haven't even found the Assassin's guild yet. Methinks I need to kill some folks while thieving (which is against the thieve's code) in order to become "initiated."

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